Susan Brozek Scott

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Afterschool Buddy™, Inc., is a multimedia production company with a clear, meaningful mission: to "Educate. Entertain. Explore. Excite!™" Beginning in 2009, Afterschool Buddy™, Inc., will launch both internet and television programming for children that focuses on multi-cultural diversity, the environment, and health & wellness. Founded by
CEO & President Susan Brozek Scott, Afterschool Buddy™, Inc., is dedicated to providing exciting, innovative programming to the next generation of children.
Afterschool Buddy, Inc.
Afterschool Buddy™, Aunt Junk™ & The Rainbow Kids™ Online Shops
S'eclairer and Susan Brozek Scott have joined together in a partnership, which includes Susan's services as a multimedia Executive Producer and Co-Host of the TV show "What's on Your Mind?" with S'eclairer founder and Medical Director Dr. Safdar I. Chaudhary. This innovative health and wellness show debuted in March 2009, and airs Monday nights at 7:30pm on PCNC, with re-telecasts Sunday afternoons at 4:30pm.
Afterschool Buddy™, Inc., has teamed up with Cafe Press to offer an exciting new line of merchandise to support our children's programming mission. All of our Official Afterschool Buddy™ shops include eco-friendly choices for you and your family. Click on our link above, and enjoy safe, secure shopping along with fast delivery of items ranging from T-shirts & mugs to Teddy Bears & bibs, and even some special products for your pets! Thank you for your kind support.

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