Susan Brozek Scott

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Biographies of Susan Brozek Scott and Dr. Safdar I. Chaudhary, Co-Hosts of the innovative, new health and wellness television show "What's on Your Mind?" telecast Mondays at 7:30pm on PCNC. Re-telecast Sunday afternoons at 4:30pm.
New Health & Wellness Show launched by S'eclairer on PCNC in Pittsburgh
Article about Afterschool Buddy, Inc. featured in Pittsburgh Business Times on 2/6/2009.
The latest news and information about Afterschool Buddy, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based children's programming company founded by Susan Brozek Scott.
Chilly Economy Makes Some Catch Entrepreneurial Spirit
Afterschool Buddy, Inc. officially launched December 2008 in Pittsburgh, PA

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